Hava Nagila
Situ Studio 2012 | Museum of Jewish Heritage, Battery Park City, New York, NY Photos by Keith Sirchio The exhibition examines the history and evolution of the song Hava Nagila, and tune that is instantly recognizable across cultures and geographies. For the exhibition, Situ Studio developed seven giant parabolic reflectors that form isolated cones of sound that define space, while carpet tiles serve triple duty on floors, walls, and ceilings as containers for content that also absorb reverberations. Techniques developed specifically for this show were utilized to laser engrave text and signature images directly into the carpet piling. Similarly, the geometric properties of parabolic reflectors were studied in relation to acoustics and light. These large mirrored fixtures were created by patterning, scoring and bending flat composite aluminum sheets into three-dimensional domes that simultaneously focus and amplify both the soundtrack as well as the array of colors, images, and artifacts that populate every surface of the show.
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